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Dave crabs

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Well I kind of understand why you would want to include Opera as the supplied browser but honestly I think it does your distro more harm than good. After all a lot of people are likely to play around on the live version before deciding whether or not to install a distro and the experience I had with Opera was just awful.

Pages would load but weren't rendered on screen and the only workaround was to close the browser and open it again to see the last page that I loaded. Also having the Hola extension turned on by default is a bad idea, firstly because it was redirecting all my searches through DE domain and secondly because when I turned off Hola the popup didn't disappear, it just got stuck up there in the top right corner of the browser.

As a result the first thing I did was install Chromium (which worked perfectly btw).

Not sure I'll stick with Makulu at this stage because it still looks like a bunch of things thrown together a little haphazardly and also any software syncs/updates take a very long time, probably something to do with my location (Thailand) but things move a lot faster in Ubuntu, Manjaro and Mint for me.

But I've gone way off topic here. I basically just wanted to suggest you drop Operal ASAP because it's rubbish.

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Opera looks good, it is fast, and I have no idea what you're talking about when you speak about rendering problems. However, the main reason behind choosing the Opera Browser in Makulu Aero consisted in it's ability to reproduce the flash content. There was Chrome, in the first place, but Opera is superior in several aspects. If you don't like Opera, uninstall it and install whatever you want (exactly what you did). I hope you don't expect to see a respin of the Aero Edition with a customized software configuration, not so "thrown together", especially for your taste...
You have Makulu Constructor at your fingers, reconfigure the system entirely if you like and then create a ISO (for the whole procedure, look for the dedicated tutorial that Jacques posted on You Tube).
As for the download speed, you can select very easy another mirror, closer to your location. Just go in Software Sources.
Makulu Linux Aero 10 is the result of the hard work of the developer and a team of testers, for months. I think I said all...
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